If you like the 1890’s in Montana, throw in a young town marshal and his girl, a Northwest Mounted Policeman who occasionally strays across the border to visit his American friends, and a retired Buffalo Soldier who is not above meeting out a little frontier justice, than you might like THE NEW BADGE (sequel to MYSTERY IN THE BEAR PAW MOUNTAINS).
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FB_IMG_1456190671489  tabor farm c 1910I thought I’d share this photo sent to me by my sister Cindy. This was typical of the magic that existed back in the glory days of Sodus  Township.  I remember as a kid, the street car tracks in Benton Harbor when many of the streets were attractive red brick–a reminder that Benton Harbor once had its own glory days. You could make a trip to the famous Tabor Farm on River Road on the Interurban. This photo is circa 1910. Thanks to Cindy for sharing and credit to the unknown owner of the photo.  -MLJ